Liuxin(Qingdao) Health Co., Ltd.


Hello. I ’m Shin Hyung-keun, the Representative of  Liuxin(Qingdao) Health Co., Ltd

The new name “Liuxin” is a joint venture between Korea ’s premier company “Yuhan Co., Ltd.” and Quingdao ’s growth health company “Shinhwajin”. I will try to be.

Although civilization has made the world a rich and convenient world, health is the first happiness for anyone. We will do our best as a reliable brand in the 100th era of health.

And we are the first to worry about your health and make your happiness our rewarding.

I expect a deep heart and a lot of excitement.

Thank you very much.

Liuxin(Qingdao) Health Co., Ltd.

Representative Shin, Hyung-keun


Liuxin(Qingdao) Health Co., Ltd. is a representative company in South Korea and Shinhwajin group that is one of the leading importers and exporters in Qingdao (2018 standard, ranked 194th among the 500 largest companies in foreign trade) Is a Korea-China joint venture established in June 2019 through a joint venture with headquarters in Qingdao.

In particular, Shinhwajin group, with a joint venture with Yonsei Severance Hospital in South Korea at the end of 2020, has solidified its foundation as a full-fledged medical industry in preparation for the opening of the island Severance Hospital on the island city topography. Is making full-scale entry into the health care industry in China.

Liuxin(Qingdao) Health Co., Ltd. not only imports and sells health products and cosmetics directly from Korea Co., Ltd. as the first stage, but also sells general products, animal vaccine products, etc. We aim to grow into a global health care company through distribution and production and establishment of R & D points.